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5 Ways To Power Up Your Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool to use in a crowded market.

Real stories and emotions to give potential guests more confidence in their decision to choose your hotel amongst others.

So how do you make sure that positive email or review works hard to reach out to future guests?

1) Ensure all staff realise the value of a few kind words

Not all comments come in conveniently on a customer feedback card. Maybe a ‘thank you’ email was sent to the reservations department or the spa manager. Make sure everyone knows to ‘pass on the positive’ – to the member of staff responsible for marketing and social media.

2) The right words in the right place

Testimonials are more effective when linked to the right service. A comment on a beautiful wedding breakfast layout? Used on the ‘Celebrations’ web page, a potential bride identifies with it straight away. It may seem an obvious one but check you have the right quote in the right place. It happens!

3) Add imagery and video

With all digital marketing – a picture paints a thousand words. A compliment about Reception staff? Why not post the comment with a photo of the team at the Reception desk? A review about a relaxing beauty treatment – share it on social media with a short video of the spa room or even a link to a special offer? Show people what other happy guests are talking about.

4) Don’t hide everything on a testimonial page

A testimonial page is a worthwhile addition to a website but don’t let it be the only place where testimonials live. Make sure you shout out the positive messages from the rooftops – or at least social media, email marketing or on online hotel guides.

5) Don’t be afraid to ask

Not everyone who has enjoyed their stay may think to drop you a line or review…but may do if asked. Asking for a short review – even a 30 second video – is usually more appropriate with regular guests or clients – those you know are very satisfied. Take the plunge and drop them a line!

Further reading about the importance of reviews can be read here

How could you make more of YOUR testimonials?

By showcasing these powerful feelings and stories about your hotel or venue, you can inspire guests to trust your brand and make that booking.

By Amanda Baker at Endeavour Consulting


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