January 2021 Karen's Column

Karen’s Column: The Art of Apology

The Art of Apology with the Founder of The B and B Academy

The Art of Apology with the Founder of the B and B Academy

In over 16 years of running a B&B I’ve done an awful lot of apologising to my guests. Looking back, it’s usually been dog, plumbing or smoke alarm related. My old dog, Murphy, loved people a little too much…

There was the time when I opened the door to arriving guests; an elderly man and his wife, who, within seconds of me opening the front door, was standing on our doorstep dressed in just her pants and shoes from the waist down.

With Murphy at her feet, trying to untangle himself from her elasticated skirt, which he’d pulled down in his enthusiasm.

And then the night when the smoke alarms were triggered in error at 2.30am and my husband had to climb a ladder to reset them, with the female guest still under the covers peering upwards. My husband, wearing just his dressing gown.

“Please tell me you put some boxer shorts on” I said, when he returned to our bedroom….silence.

I have one set of repeat guests, for whom something always goes wrong. Last time it was the toilet cistern that wouldn’t stop filling. I spent the 2 hours they were out at dinner in their bathroom, watching “How to fix a toilet” youtube videos on the ipad.

I eventually solved it with a carefully placed rock from the garden.

One thing I’ve learned from this is the importance of a well timed apology, appropriate compensation and a plumber on speed dial.

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