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REVEALED: The Most Googled Interior Design Styles of 2020

With homeowners constantly on the lookout for the latest interior trends, has investigated which interior décor styles are making waves so far in 2020.

Using SEMrush, the average monthly Google search volumes for over 60 styles* have been collated to reveal the most Googled Interior Design Style!

Full Study:


Interior Design Style Average Monthly Searches*
Vintage 48,560
Industrial 38,710
Contemporary 37,650
Scandinavian 33,660
Rustic 31,900
Coastal 29,170
Traditional 26,760
Minimalist 18,280
Victorian 17,290
Japanese 16,530
Farmhouse 14,060
Retro 11,730
Art Deco 11,560
Bohemian 9,390
Shabby Chic 9,360
Bauhaus 9,280
Tropical 8,800
Moroccan 8,200
Mexican 8,140
Gothic 7,420

Results reveal that vintage is most Googled interior décor style. In the UK it achieves a staggering 48,560 searches a month.

If you’re a fan of industrial decorations, you’re not alone. In second place, it earns 38,710 searches a month.

And in third place is contemporary décor, with a whopping 37,650 Google searches a month.

In 20th place, at the bottom of our table, is Gothic. The extravagant nods to medieval Europe are less popular, yet still earn a respectable 7,420 searches a month.

Following Gothic, the next searched for interior trends are:

  • Mexican – 8,140
  • Moroccan – 8,200
  • Tropical – 8,800
  • Bauhaus – 9,280

Other results**:

  • Is Mid-Century Modern on its way out? – The style, highly influenced by Bauhaus, only achieves 4,260 searches a month – it places in 28th.
  • European styles on the rise – Greek (5,510), Swedish (5,280), European (4,710), Georgian (4,480) and Mediterranean (4,080) all feature within top 30 Googled interiors.
  • Those with the lowest interest… Directoire, American Colonial and Post Modern place in last (64th), 63rd and 62nd place respectively, earning just 310 searches a month combined.

Please follow this Dropbox link for high-res images of the top 20 trends, should you wish to use them in an article:


By Dominic Johnson

Publisher, contact about all commercial enquiries.

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